Register for Classes


When can I start? You may start attending classes any week. Please note that, at present, classes are offered only on Saturdays. Please check the Location tab for class time.

How long is the public speaking training program? YSC program has five levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, and Elite. Each level is 12 classes long. After completing the Elite level, students can continue in the YSC program as a STAR Speaker, until they graduate from high school.

How does the online and video training work? Students will receive access to the YSC online platform where they can read the lessons and assignments. They will also receive a password protected link each week to connect to the video class where they can see the instructor and all other students in the class. Students will perform their speeches in this video classroom.

Is there a textbook for the class? Each level has a required textbook, which consists of 12 lessons, exercises, speech assignments, etc. Textbook should be purchased at the beginning of the program directly from YSC or from the instructor. Price of each textbook is $18.95

How much is the YSC course fee? The fee is $100/four-classes for classroom training and $80/four-classes for online and video training. Course fee is due on the first day of the class.

Do you offer sibling discount? Yes, if there is a second child from the same family in the same location, you get $10/month off for the younger child.

How do you treat the payments for missed class? Course fee payments are made in advance for four-classes at a time. The next payment will come due only after the student attends four classes.

How can I make course fee payment? You can make check payment or online payment. Once you register, you will receive an invoice with the payment options and instructions.