Register for Classes

When can I start? You may start attending classes any week. Please note that, at present, classes are offered in Fairfax on Saturdays or Sundays while in Ashburn only on Saturdays.

How long is the public speaking training program? YSC program has four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. Each level is three months long (12 classes). Students can also continue in the Master level program as long as they like.

How much is YSC course fee? If you are attending the Ashburn location, the fee is $100/month (4 classes) and if you are attending the Fairfax location, the fee is $90/month (4 classes).

Do you offer sibling discount? Yes, if there is a second child in the same location, you get $10/month off for the second child.

Can I get free makeup class for a missed class? Yes. If you are absent for one or more classes, the next class(es) you attend will be considered as your makeup class. Makeup classes must be used within two months.

How can I make course fee payment? You may pay online using PayPal to You may also pay by check. Please mail the check to the address: Young Speakers Club, 5042 Huntwood Manor Dr, Fairfax, VA, 22030. Cash payment is also acceptable, but should be made in person. Course fee is due before the first day of the class.